A Doll's House Gender Roles Essay

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Henrik Ibsen: A Doll’s House In Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House, is about the gender difference between men and women proven that men ego gets in the way of how they run their household. Men always see themselves superior over women. This is shown throughout the play where Torvald Helmer, Nora Husband fights his manly ego especially in two different scene, which are Act I and Act III. These scene will prove that A Doll’s House is written to show the ego of men and how they feel women are beneath men in a Household. In the play Act I, shows a character difference between Nora and Torvalds. Nora is women that shows to obey her husband and love to make her family and Torvalds the husband is more of a controlling individual. In Act I, the scene that describe Torvalds as a man with a strong ego is the conversation he had with his wife at the beginning of the play about their spending and how she should be careful of how she spends. He says “Nora, Nora, how like a woman!”(p. 687) saying that because she is a women she does not know the importance of money and all she wants to do is be a “Spendthrift”(p.687). In this scene, the first staging element I will apply to the conversation between Nora and Torvalds is having them both in a room together instead of the living room which will represent the privacy of…show more content…
They want to be the providers of the home and want the women to answer to them and take care of house chores. This is proven throughout the play, with one of the main character Torvald Helmer. He treat his women as though she is beneath him and should obey whatever he says especially when it comes to household decision. It also shows how Torvald calls his wife Nora names as he pleased because he feel as though as the man of the house he has the right to do so. This has been proven through two scene from Act I and Act III, where there is drama due to gender
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