A Doll’s House - Nora Essay

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Nora is the central character in the book A Doll’s House and it is through her that Ibsen develops many of his themes To what extent is loyalty shown by the lead female characters characters? What are the consequences of this? Within these two books loyalty is a minor theme and one that is easily missed, indeed it is narrow. However, it is still one which weaves a thread through both of the books encompassing major and minor characters, the material and the abstract. In commencing this discussion one must first refer to the definition of the word “loyalty”; the quality of being loyal. As defined in the Cambridge dictionary, loyal: firm and not changing in your friendship with or support for a person or an organization, or…show more content…
She has complete confidence in the character of Torvald, “And so he shall, Kristine. Just leave things to me.” Then we go onto discover the extent of her faithfulness to her husband, securing, and dealing with the subsequent paying off, a loan completely on her own; no mean feat for a women who has been sheltered for all of her life; “…I passed out of daddy’s hand into yours.”. She didn’t give up but strived to save her husband’s life. Yet even at this point she is showing some sign of not completely fitting into the mould. She shows perceptiveness “..it would be…humiliating for him if he thought he owed anything to me”, “…when Torvald isn’t quite so much in love with me as he is now… then it might be good to Heather Quelch The Anglo European School No. 0078 May 2002 Page 2/3 have something in reserve..” However, Nora’s safe little world is on the verge of collapse as Krogstag challenges her with her crime and the sure consequences she will face if he is not obeyed. And yet, even in the face of unpleasant blackmail Nora is sure in her stoic loyalty “… My husband will see for himself what a bad man you are, and then certainly won’t be able to keep your job.” Torvald’s role as the manly moraliser is still very much alive in Nora’s mind. However by the beginning of Act II with the
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