A Doll's House '

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“Your squirrel would run about and do all her tricks if you would be nice, and do what she wants.” (Act II, p.38) a) Who is the speaker? Nora Helmer. b) To whom is the quotation addressed? Nora Helmer says this to her husband Torvald Helmer. c) Describe the context of the quotation (i.e. what is happening in the play when this is said?). Nora says this to her husband in order to convince him to listen to her and to not fire Krogstad. Originally, she tried to address the problem in a mature fashion but Torvald brushed her off. She doesn’t want her secret revealed, she begs Torvald. Nora lies to her husband by saying that he should not fire him in case he writes a bad article in the newspaper about him but really, she just doesn’t want her forgery secret to be broadcasted.…show more content…
Nora’s manipulative side of her is shown when she utilizes the pet names that Torvald has given her to convince him to listen to her. This also shows that she has very little self respect since she refers to herself as “[His] squirrel” (Act II, p.38). This use of pronoun shows that she agrees with the idea that she is not a human but an object that Torvald owns. Also it shows her cleverness by convincing Torvald , she is using pathos to connect with him. In the real world, he would fall into the trap and listen to
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