A Doll's House Play Vs Movie

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The majority of book lovers in the world prefer the book over the movie almost always. The producers of the movies never seem to follow the books. They either take out important scenes or characters and sometimes they add in scenes creating a while different meaning and outcome. A Doll’s House is on example of this. The play was made into a movie, but there were some major differences between the two. During the film it was noticeable that things were changed around. There were three major differences in the movie that took away from the meaning of the play: Nora roams around the house and leaves whenever she pleases, she does not talk to her children as if they are dolls and finally Torvald does not lock the door when he confronts Nora about the letter. In the play, Nora never leaves her house or the living room like someone controlling a doll. Nora is a doll living in her own doll house under the watch and command of Torvald. This shows how he is in control over her and it also represents her lack of freedom. The readers and audience can see this form of control when Torvald says “As for you and me, we must make no outward change in our way of life…But the…show more content…
In the play, when Nora speaks to her children as if they were dolls, it represents the child side of Nora. Nora is being treated as Torvald’s doll; therefore she treats the children in a similar way. During the movie, without Nora talking to her children this way, it takes away from the child side of her. For example, when Nora is talking to her children she says, “My sweet little dolly! What? Shall we play a game? What shall we play at? Hide-and-seek? Yes, let’s play hide-and-seek.” (Ibsen 1078). When Nora speaks to her children this way it sounds like she is really talking to dolls instead of her own children. During the movie, the audience loses this side of Nora and a certain connection with her as
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