A Domestic Dilemma Essay

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Carson McCullers takes the reader on a journey into the lives of a family plagued by alcoholism in "A Domestic Dilemma". The realism of the story is astounding, as most people will often find themselves torn when facing difficult family decisions. The Meadows’ family is torn by both compassion and suffering, and Martin Meadows is faced with one of the most difficult decisions of his life. In A Domestic Dilemma, the author conveys the idea that individuals facing difficult decisions in marital relationships must act in the best interest of one’s self.The conflicts in the story surround Martin and Emily’s marital relationship. It is clear that their marriage is deteriorating because of Emily’s alcoholism. Emily often attempts to…show more content…
"As Martin watched the tranquil slumber of his wife the ghost of the old anger vanished." He knows that his emotional and physical desire for Emily may be the very element that destroys his children’s lives. Martin is searching for a solution to his problems that will keep all his loved ones safe. Martin Meadows is an ideal husband. He works hard in his office and his home. Martin is amazingly efficient, tending to the garden, decorating for Christmas, cooking for his children, and pulling their lose teeth. He longs for the days back in Alabama when his family was happy and alcohol was not a part of their lives. From the start of the story Martin is weary from the disappointment he has encountered in the changes seen in his wife. During Domestic Dilemma Martin begins to realize that his efforts are no use, and his wife’s behavior is not going to change before something horrible happens to one of his children. Her drunken outbursts and manipulative games confuse the children at their young ages, and Martin fears that his children will not forget these horrible incidents and will grow up emotionally strained by their mother’s problem. Emily’s move to New York tore her life apart. Once a happy housewife in Alabama, When her family moved to New York for her husband’s company, Emily become lonely and depressed. Emily misses the warmth of a small southern town where she
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