Essay about A Dominant Device: Cell Phone

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In the modern world, technological advances and devices have made humans lives more convenient. The society has become dependent on the technology. Technology has made communication easier and faster; at this point a click can conquer distance and time. This device can traverse frontiers among people and countries, and unite them within seconds. Among the easiest way to communicate, the cell phone has become the most popular. Now cell phones come with different innovate features, access to the web; download a wide range of applications, messages and calls. The web enables people to explore the world at their hands. For example, an individual can find any information she desires to know ranging from local new to international news. …show more content…
We can also assume that parents view this mechanism as a form of safety. Furthermore, there’s a possibility that the neighborhoods where they live is insecure for their children.
According to Gurian, in the article, “Kids and Cell Phones: Staying Connected,” she concurs with the notion of children having a cell phone to connect with their parents, which enables parents to locate their children more easily. This gives parents an opportunity to call them, in case of an emergency. Conversely, children can call their parents if they will be getting home late and most importantly when a child has an emergency. As well, children can take advantage of applications a cell phone has such as calendars, reminders, and alarms. For instance, if the child has important research paper, test, or competition the child can keep track of this occasion using the calendar or reminder. Additionally, the alarm can help the children program the time she will be waking up during weekdays to go to school. This can help children develop a discipline for waking up early. A recent survey done by Verizon Wireless, the average age that a child receives his or her first cell phone is eleven and a half years old (10 Reasons Kids shouldn't Have a Cell Phone 1). When most children receive their first cell phone parents establish the do’s and do not's of the cell phone immediately. Just like their reasons why children should have cell phones, there are also reasons
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