A Dramatic Story With A Fantastic Title

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A Dramatic Story With a Fantastic Title It was March 20th, my sister Ariana’s birthday. We had decided to escape the house and go to the Sweet Shop to celebrate. The door chimed as we walked in, both of us complaining about the heat. Which, in turn, earned us a look from the cashier. One frozen yogurt, two bags of candy, and a giant lollipop later we were sick of sugar and gossip and decided to head back home. Once outside, I fought for a while with the vicious snake that was my bike lock. Then, with the flip of two kickstands, we were off. We were biking one in front of the other, cruising over the tree-shaped shadows and avoiding the blindingly bright places where the afternoon sun glinted through the clouds. We were riding, giggling at some nonsensical words, as we got ready to cross the street. I was vaguely aware of a giant yellow blob whizzing toward me as my bike turned left onto the white-striped crosswalk. And then everything stopped. I saw the sheen of a taxi cab’s yellow shell. I saw the front tire of my bike twist as I skidded into an orange headlight. Everything went silent. Although it briefly entered my conscious I was biking straight into a car, all I could think was: what a nice day. I felt like I was flying. It was great, really, because I’ve wanted wings since I came out of the womb. But that was when I realized I was flying the wrong way: backward. My trance ended abruptly as I was slammed against the ground. And that was when Everything Went Black.

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