A Drawing is a Line Going to a Walk

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What is Drawing? “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.” Paul Klee (Klee, 2010) Drawing is to create a picture, image or diagram with a pencil or pen by making lines or marks on a piece of paper or other material. The common theory I have found, after questioning several people on what their definition of drawing was, is that drawing is a method to convey feelings or emotions onto a piece of paper, using a pencil or pen so that others can see what they are thinking or feeling. This is correct but is this the only way drawing is used? Drawing has a vast variety of descriptions as to what they thought drawing was it seems that there are three common usages ; drawing as an art form, as a tool for communication or as part of…show more content…
Drawing as movement implies that individual drawings are put together as frames, and create something new and different from each individual drawing. It is fundamentally different from the other three types of drawing, as it develops through time” therefore clarifying that drawing is a important piece of the animation process. Most animations being with a script and therefore a storyboard is created, allowing changes to be made before the next stage of sketching characters and scenes and of course space. Applying Aesthetics touches can be done which are fundamentally important as to the look and feel of the final animation. From this cells can be drawn upon in order of sequence to be filmed and animated. Of course if a 3-D program is to be used to finalise the animation then the concluding part of drawing onto cells would not occur and the drawing portion of the animation would terminate here. 2d animation was first produced as an art form by a William McKay back in 1911 yet people have been using animation since 1600bc when columns were found in Pharoah Rameses II temple with different poses of the goddess Isis on them in a progressive manner. This was so horsemen and people in chariots could would see what would seem like Isis dancing and moving around. Even earlier than this, animation was attempted by cavemen, who would draw four sets of legs to depict movement. There were various attempts in the 1800s to project images

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