A Dream About Final Exams in Wislawa Szymborsk's Poem Brueghel’s Two Monkeys

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Wislawa Szymborska poem “Brueghel’s Two Monkeys” starts out in a strange way. It begins out by what the author “dreams about final exams” (1). Oddly, what she sees in her dream is “two monkeys, chained to the floor” (2). The poem is about the human conditions in different settings of mankind. The monkeys are the things that of the poets dream about the exam. The monkeys are a symbol of the suffering of mankind—based on the chains—through the unpredictable events. As said in the last stanza, “One monkey stares and listens with a mocking disdain” (7), while “the other seems to be dreaming away” (8). The poem is full of metaphors that get the reader thinking about what it means in respect to what the author is addressing. Reality has junctions in which one is peaceful while the other is harsh. In the poem “Brueghel’s Two Monkeys” by Wislawa Szymborska, we will look at representation of human condition in a certain event. We will examine the human conditions through exams, history, and solution.
In the poem, when it comes to exams it shows a great deal of decision making. In the first stanza of the poem it show a significantly note of assessment. The part where the two monkeys were “chained to the floor, sit on the windowsill” (2), the line after states “the sky behind them flutters” (3). The monkeys are being assessed in beginning of the poem. The part of where the monkeys “sit on the windowsill” (2) illustrates the idea of whether one should stay in the position of where
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