A Dream Come True for Martin Luther King, Jr.

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There was racism, injustice and inequality. However, the ‘devotees’ of the civil rights movement were dedicated and passionate about making a difference. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of those pioneers that remained true in what he believed in no matter what the circumstance.
The summer of 1963 will go down in history when King was able to deliver a speech that not only spoke to Black people but the American people as a whole. Through the use of precise word choice and extensive imagery and metaphors King was able to make an impact on his audience in an emotional way. As the audience on that infamous day or as a reader fifty years later, King’s words are just as powerful now as they were then. King’s decision to use the anaphora “One hundred years later” (King, paragraph 3) shows the seriousness that although Blacks were freed, they still haven’t been given freedom. He reminds the audience even though physically black people aren’t chained down by metal chains and shackles; they are chained down by the cuffs “of segregation and… discrimination” (King, paragraph 3). Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used an anaphora four more different times throughout the text. It is seen again when King uses the anaphora “We can never be satisfied…” (paragraph 13). King explains that the “devotees of the civil rights” (paragraph 13) can never have any satisfaction as long as the…
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