A Dream Cycle The Dreamer

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Imagine, during some much-needed sleep, that an anthropomorphic demon forms, peering from the opposite side of the room, aliens begin conducting strange experiments, hooded ghosts murmur incomprehensive secrets. All of this as a strange bout of full-body paralysis takes hold. How does one explain away an experience as strange as this? For some, it feels like waking up dead; being confined and unable to move. Literally paralyzed. This paralysis is only worsened by a growing sense of alarm. Is there is an intruder or something otherworldly lurking about? The brain bends the rules, as if eager to conceive the waking nightmare that has confounded many minds, from scientists to philosophers and even religious figures. Sometimes referred to as the “evil twin of lucid dreaming”, sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which a person experiences a temporary inability to speak, move or react. Unlike lucid dreaming (a dream cycle the dreamer is fully aware of), episodes of sleep paralysis are usually accompanied by strong visual and auditory hallucinations, often of the terrifying variety. For a period of history, this limbo of awake and dreaming is a complete mystery shrouded in dark myths of the demonic and supernatural. While this event still posits many questions, the complicated science of sleep helps shine just a little light on this most dark and toiling of nightmares.

More than 3 million cases of sleep paralysis are annually reported in the United States alone, suggesting a rapid…
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