A Dream For A World Without Food Labels Essay

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A Dream for a World Without Food Labels In his essay My Dream Food Label, Mark Bittman makes the case that current food labels, while providing the consumer with ample information, do not indicate whether or not the food contained is “really beneficial”. Bittman argues that labels should additionally involve clear graphics, such as a “traffic light” indicating the “healthiness” of the food, as well as criteria such as hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, etc. These criteria would ideally also include the production of the food, particularly the welfare of the workers and animals involved, and perhaps even the carbon footprint of the food. Bittman ultimately uses such advocacy for food label reform to support his own proposed food label design, equipped with a 15 point color coded scale ranking the food according to its nutrition, as it currently exists, “foodiness”, or how close the food is to “real food”, and “welfare”, or the overall treatment of the workers, animals, and environment. While his arguments for food labels are well intentioned, attempting to address serious issues, Bitman’s supposed solutions are highly flawed. Bittman’s call for greater awareness, responsibility, and sustainability of the welfare involved with the food industry is admirable. The widespread access to food from all over the world has certainly created great ambiguity around food sources. As a result, food production and transport methods can evade public awareness, individuals
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