A Dream Thief By Christopher Nolan

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Christopher Nolan 's extit{Inception} depicts Dom Cobb as a dream thief with the ability to enter ones unconscious or subconscious through dreams, and access their secrets. His particular set of skills costs him his wife 's life, and as a result, loses the ability to see his kids as well. He and a team of associates are briefed with the task to plant an idea in Robert Fischer, the heir of a multi-billion dollar empire. However Cobb 's constant battle with his past proves more of an obstacle than expected. As the story progresses the team faces obstacles that have many symbolic representations and interpretations. Christopher Nolan 's extit{The Dark Knight} as a follow up to Batman Begins. Portrays Bruce Wayne in more matured state of…show more content…
Yet throughout the plot chooses to ignore this conflict with his past. This conflict is clear for Cobb, and tells his story symbolically as Cobb is hindered from doing his job as a direct result of Mal 's Interference. The way Nolan sets up the plot in such a way that we follow this character, and discover the cause of his guilt, and why he always seeks ``True reality ' ' \ \ indent extit{The Dark Knight} tells a story from the point of view of a character with an unwavering sense of justice, and also introduces another character with an unwavering sense of chaos. Through his elements of narration Nolan illustrates that the two really aren 't so different after all. Whats known to the viewer is that Batman has always fought villains who have never been a match for him, on physical and mental domains. However Bruce realises that he has responsibilities outside of being the Batman as well. Awhile into the narrative, Nolan introduces the idea of the "Fake Batman" impostors that try to represent the "idea" of batman himself. This is important as the audience realises that being batman is more than just putting on a mask and fighting crime. Bruce is keeping close watch of Harvey Dent, a newly appointed district attorney. Alfred wonders if Bruce 's (Not batman 's) spying is a result of Bruce 's own personal affairs, not Batman 's. This is important as it clearly sets the line between Batman, an
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