A Dynamic Learning And Fun Environment For Your Child

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Are you looking for a dynamic learning and fun environment for your child? Look no further because you have come to the right place at Hogan’s early childhood center, (privately owned building). We offer a creative curriculum rich in art, science, math, language and geography for ages 3 thru 5. We are dedicated to the ‘whole child’ and our program type is parent cooperative, sponsored by the school district and private owners. Our school offers full-day and/or half days with the key characteristics of being lower costs, parent education meetings, and having parents commit to teaching in the classrooms. We at Hogan’s early childhood center are dedicated to the ‘whole child’. Our classroom ratio is 15:1 (fifteen children to one teacher). Our philosophy is helping children to develop and grow as evolving learners within multifaceted environment. As teachers, we strive to provide the child with those components needed to build a solid base as each develops into lifelong learners. Our developmental goals for the children are to help develop positive self-awareness by tuning into their emotions, as well as others, and also being able to accurately judge their behavior and respond to different social situations. We also help their developmental process by enhancing creativity and enriching each child’s life emotionally, and intellectually. By doing these things: • We provide one to one physical care • Respond immediately to the child’s needs • Follow up with families daily •
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