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Brave New World is a remarkable journey into the future wherein mankind is dehumanized by the progress and misuse of technology to the point where society is a laboratory produced race of beings who are clones devoid of identity only able to worship the three things they have been preconditioned to love: "Henry Ford, their idol; Soma, a wonder drug; and sex" (Dusterhoof, Guynn, Patterson, Shaw, Wroten and Yuhasz 1). The misuse of perfected technologies, especially those allowing the manipulation of the human brain and genes, have created a pleasure-seeking world where there is no such thing as spiritual experience, just pleasures of the flesh. In the face of a transcendent religion, the inhabitants (genetically engineered to exist in…show more content…
Regardless of the progress of technology, the real issue is not the capabilities and potential uses of new sciences. The real issue, as it is in Brave New World, is that there will always exist those who use new technologies for personal gain, evil pursuits and as an attempt to maintain power and control (like the State does in Brave New World). The ideal concept may be a state of stability that it unchanging, but this comes from our own internal dichotomy between a need for stability and the conflict with the instability of being real. No state has ever achieved such a stable condition in the history of mankind anyway, "Historically, no actual political state has ever achieved stability and only a very few have approximated it...Even so this is the aim for which all politicians and political states plan" (Firchow 85). Therefore, even though we have the power to splice and locate genes that will modify human characteristics and behavior (like manipulating a baby's sex or sexuality), who would choose to allow this power in only the hands of a few, powerful interests? What would stop powerful white monied interests from trying to rid society of supposed undesirables like blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals or even women? After all, by being able to breed children outside of the womb, some men may feel their truly useful purpose is achievable without them. Some contend that no loss of humanity is involved in

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