A Essay About A Hole

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A Hole in my Heart In this image I see my family gather together near my sister’s casket. If we look even closer, we will notice that everyone is not crying, but is putting a smiling face. It feels as if everything was already even though it hurt inside. It almost seems that we can hear my sister saying, “Everything will be okay, I am still near you.” I chose this photo because one, it depicts year I will be writing about and it’s when my sister passed away. This photo is very important to me because even though all of my family members weren’t all there, we will were able to take one last photo with my sister. This is the year twenty fourteen. I chose to write my inquiry paper about this year because not only that it put a whole in my heart with what happened to my sister, but a lot of people the world were lost because of a disease outbreak, and loosing of a comedic actor. It was an important year in my life because my world turned upside down with the lost of my sister. It was big change after lost her. In the year twenty fourteen, I never knew in my life that it would be the beginning of a fall in my family. We never knew that a piece of us would be torn away so quickly. Out of all the things that had happened in my life. The most heartbreaking was the moment that my sisters pulse slowly started to decrease. At the time six ten am was the exact moment my heart broke into tiny pieces. I knew there wasn’t any other way to get her back, I knew that it was it. Before the
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