A Evolving Information Assurance Landscape

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In a constantly evolving information assurance landscape, it has become increasingly challenging for organizations to protect their information resources. The changing ecosystem in which industries operates, adoption of new technologies by organizations, integration of IT into organization’s core business processes, and substantial increase in the use of internet based services by consumers for daily activities like banking, communications, online shopping etc., pose new threats to organizations. A recent Gartner survey states that 77% of the 500 business leaders of companies having revenues over $1 billion confirmed to increased levels and new types of risks posed by the digital world. Also, majority of the participants agreed that organizations are not investing the required levels for mitigating the new risks (Gartner, 2015).
The low cost computing power has also enabled organizations to aggregate a wide variety of consumer information like credit card details, Social Security Number (SSN) etc., which when fallen into wrong hands could jeopardise the security of common people. The cancellation of UK National Identity Card due to this very reason is a classic example of the dangers of collecting personal information of consumers (Davies, 2011). A breach could also result in loss of revenues and credibility to organizations. For example, the data breach at Target in the year 2013 resulted in 46% fall in revenues and costed over $61 million in expense…
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