A Experiment On An Alpha Level Of Point Zero Five

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Method Participants This experiment consisted of seventeen participants. The participants were three males and fourteen female. Sixteen of the participants were right handed, while only one was left handed. Their mean age was approximately twenty two point six years with a standard deviation of one point nine years. To be included in this experiment the participants had to have fine motor skills, basic computer skills, and a good cognitive capacity. Materials To complete this experiment we needed some materials. We needed a deck of fifty two cards. We needed at least one person in each group had a stopwatch on their phone. Each of the participants had to have a standard student desk. The very last thing we needed to complete this experiment was a data sheet. Experimental Design This experiment was within-subject repeated measures T-test with an alpha level of point zero five. This experiment was conducted to see which sorting method between the two styles of sorting by color and sorting by suit in the deck of fifty two cards was fastest in the time of seconds. Each of the participants was randomly assigned to form partners. To avoid confounds we had to counter balance our experiment design. Procedure We started our experiment by putting the entire participants name in a box and randomly picking out names to pair the participants into groups. After forming groups each of the groups got a deck of cards and got their phone ready with a stopwatch to measure the time. We
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