A Experiment On Artificial Fertilization Essay

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Another type of artificial fertilization is in vitro fertilizations. This is a fascinating topic not only in the way that it is done, but also because of the reasoning behind why it is done. The term in vitro means in glass (class discussion). The process of in vitro fertilizations is long and can put strains on the so to be mother. There are several steps involved with created a test tube baby. First the mother to be has to have an injection of a drug to suppress the natural menstrual cycle (Nordqvist 2016). After that fertility drugs are administered into the woman this will make the ovaries produce more eggs than normal (Nordqvist 2016). The eggs are then removed from the mother and put into a petri dish (Nordqvist 2016). Then the egg will be combined with the sperm from the male and kept in an environmentally controlled place (Nordqvist 2016). The woman is given progesterone to help the lining of the womb receive the fertilized egg (Nordqvist 2016). The best two eggs are selected and placed inside the mother surgically (Nordqvist 2016). From there the mother will carry out the pregnancy as a normal mother would. There are several different reasons for getting this procedure done and some of them might be considered more ethical than others. Also there is a relatively high rate of success for have a child through in vitro fertilization in comparison from those who are infertile and cannot have a child at all. The graph to the above indicates that there are still some…

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