A Experiment On Water Properties And Ph

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Water Properties and pH
Abstract: These set of experiment are set up to observe water properties and pH in both base and acidic solution. The first 7 are testing the properties of water and its function to support life. The last 3 are experimenting the pH of different solution as well as the use of buffer in nature and medical. Some experiments is omitted or change due to error in preparation, but overall the experiment does show significant details for natural phenomenal.
Introduction: the purpose of these sets of experiment is observing the properties of water as well as measurement and properties of different pH level. Through lecture and textbook, many information have been given about water and pH levels. Water with it polar covalent molecules has many significant properties: hydrogen bonding, cohesion, adhesion, surface tension and heat vaporization. In the others hand, students also learnt about pH, acid and base as well as how to define them in term of properties and in pH measurement. During the experiment participants test properties of different pH solution and their affect to environment as well as the use of buffer in different solution.

Methods: There are ten experiments are perform in lab number from 2 to 11. (number 1 is omitted). Number 2: Using the dropper, place 2-3 drops of water on the glass slide labeled “water”. Lay the second glass slide over the first glass slide. Try to pull them apart without sliding the glass. Record the observations. Repeat
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