A Explanation Of The Problem Of Homelessness

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Explanation of the Variables
Homelessness is a temporary problem that people fall into when they cannot afford to pay their rent or mortgage, or when their home becomes unsafe or unstable. Other factors, such as job loss, health and psychological disabilities can accelerate people’s slide into poverty, and for some, eventual homelessness. The lack of housing, access to healthcare, and supportive services, then act as others barriers that keep individuals from moving into a home.
There are a variety of different factors that can affect someone and potentially cause them to become impoverished. These factors include: substance abuse (drugs or alcohol), mental illness, domestic violence, job loss, eviction, army, natural disaster, no medical insurance, death of family member, and health problems. We chose these factors because they are the leading causes of homelessness in both men and women.

Explanation of the Hypothesis
Women’s and men’s homelessness is equally important in today’s society, but women are often overlooked. Our hypothesis is stating that women are not equally represented in terms of homelessness.
Explanation of Research Methods
When planning a sociological study it is not easy to determine the most effective way to evaluate the situation. With this study we determined that surveys and factual representations of homelessness would be most effective for our quantitative research. Quantitative research is defined as, “The use of sampling techniques (such as…
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