A Fair Go, By Henry Lawson, And The Dispossessed

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English speech Australia. A country associated with the ideals of mateship, integrity and equality; a nation renowned for its people and characterised by the strong belief in ‘a fair go’. Australia’s history is one of a constant belief in the value of egalitarianism, amid changing levels of inequality. Many have said that this ideology is culturally ingrained in the Australian identity; however, the notion of Australia as a classless nation is a persistent myth of egalitarianism that must now be superseded. It manifests in an unwillingness to acknowledge the causes of the deep inequalities that permeate Australian society. Good morning/afternoon council representatives and distinguished guests. My name is Chelsea Gwynne, and today I am going explain to you why it is crucial that the poems For’ard, by Henry Lawson, and The Dispossessed, by Oodgeroo Noonuccal must be included in next years Australia Day Council anthology. However displaced the notions of egalitarianism and its associated masculine ideal of mateship may be, these aspects of the Australian identity are of the most recognisable and compelling, and even in contemporary, cosmopolitan Australia, continue to be invoked and celebrated. It is crucial that these ideologies are reinforced among Australians, as they differentiate Australia from the rest of the world. In other words, these ideals are what make Australians unique. In order to evoke change within our society, it is vital that the voices of working-class

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