A Fairy Story : A Story Of A Fairy Tale

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A story about a princess trying to find her prince, but constantly being stopped by an antagonist or an “Evil force” is cliche. When given the assignment to write a fairytale, I thought why not write a story about a teacher that bit more than what he/she could chew. Although, it's not bad being an overachiever so that wouldn't be a good message to convey. I had numerous ideas that had cross upon my mind, but one that I had actually dreamt about became my story. So here is my dream alternated by me, but told in a fairytale form.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was living a perfect life in a top notched spotless house. She lived in a massive mansion that was four stories high with an elevator in it. Her name was Madison, a 16-year-old girl who cried over spilled milk. From time to time, she would throw money at commoners and say it was a good deed. Her maid, the same age as her, had an imperfect life with a flawed house. She slept in a room with four of her siblings, struggling to find a comfortable place to sleep at. Her name was Misty, a girl who lived in a financially unstable house because she wasn’t as “Lucky” like Madison was.

One day, Madison was going to attend a social gathering so she had to dress to impress. She wanted the dress to be one of a kind, a dress that’ll make people resentful. So she went shopping and found this gorgeous dress, she begged her dad to get her this dazzling gown with 10,000 carats of gems that were used to decorate it. Of course, the dad would not decline his daughter's wishes and bought the 1 million dollar dress without an ounce of hesitation. Later on, Madison decided to try on her new dress at home just to see if it was a perfect fit. She asked Misty to go fetch her a glass of milk and some cookies. Misty ran to the kitchen while stumbling a little bit because she knew that Madison would deduct her check if she wasn’t quick enough.

When Misty arrived at Madison’s room, she accidentally tripped over a shoe and spilled the milk all over Madison. The milk had splattered all over her gown and Madison was in complete shock and began to cry. She threw the table over, ripped her dress, and looked like she was blowing air out of her ears. Her dad rushed over to her room
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