A Fairy Story : The Princess Of The Princess

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Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived a beautiful princess in search of her prince. She searched high and low and her father the king even tried to help he brought her a countless number of men he thought would be his daughter. One day the princess went out for a walk through a the enchanted forest and she came across an impoverished elderly woman and asked if she needed any help being that she was rather far from the village, “Excuse ma’am do you need help?” asked the princess.
“No I’m fine princess, but you seem in distress. May I ask what’s wrong?” replied the elderly woman.
“As you may know it will soon be time for me to get married and take my prince, but I have searched and searched with no outcome. My father is very upset and I just don’t know what to do.” The princess cried. The elderly woman just looked at her and held her until she calmed down.
“Now I wish you the best young princess, but I must be on my way.” The elderly woman gave the princess a hug and went on her way. As the princess dried her eyes she looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow, “That's weird it hasn't rained” she thought to herself and continued on her walk.
She walked and walked and finally came to find a village. The princess explored this village and was amazed by the castle that she soon found herself in front of. Large gates, a beautiful green yard, with three majestic white horses in the front of the doors with carriages attached. As the princess was in shock of the beautiful
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