A Faithful Disciple Of Jesus Christ And Serve My Lord As A Pastor

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There is no doubt that I am committed to be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ and to serve my Lord as a pastor in the United Methodist Church. I am committed to the ordination process and I believe it is evidenced by my faithfulness to the process. I have been working full-time in a secular job while serving a part-time appointment in a local church for the past seven years. After completing the candidacy process and being licensed in 2008, I began seminary in 2010 while still working both jobs. With the help of God, my family, and my church family, I complete my Master of Divinity degree in 2014. It wasn 't always easy to be a firefighter, pastor, husband, father, and student during those four years but my commitment to God 's call and God 's faithfulness got me through. I understand that answering God 's call is a lifetime of commitment and I am joyful and willing to answer yes.
4. Explain your understanding of diakonia, the servant ministry of the church, and the servant ministry of the provisional member and commissioned minister in The United Methodist Church.

Diakonia comes from the Greek and is translated simply as ministry or service. To further expound on that, the Greek dictionary addresses that this service or ministry can refer to helps and service of various kinds which can range in meaning from spiritual biblical teaching (Ac 6:4) to the practical giving of provisions, supplies, support, and finances to those in need (2 Co 9:12). The definition is broad…
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