A Fall Before Rising: the Story of Jai Jaikumar:

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A Fall before Rising: The Story of Jai Jaikumar:
A Review of the Literature
Brief Summary the Story Ramchandran (Jai) Jaikumar had a passion for climbing mountains; he would head to his native India on a regular basis to pursue the love of climbing mountains. He would also spend four months per year as a climber and the reminder months as an engineer. Jaikumar was consider as an expert for climbing mountain because he was trained by expert mountaineers, so he knew what to do if he were happened to be in an bad situation. The crisis began on a summer day in 1966, Jaikumar, an engineering student of the Indian Institute of Technology along with his climbing buddy went mountain climbing in order to reach the summit of the Himalayan
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According to the text, Business Ethics: Decision-Making for Personal Integrity and Social Responsibility, they should of thought of an ethical decision making routine before they decide to press time to climb down the mountain at a later hour. Jaikumar and his buddy could have talked about the consequences and the effort this could have instead of just making a decision hands downs just because they felt they were healthy and experience. They should have already known to start heading back down especially if they had visualization of the light was fading and as the light the night fall the colder the weather was going to drop. Jaikumar and his friend could also talked to an expert climber, maybe the person who trained them but maybe they still wouldn’t of listen because they both knew the procedures if something when wrong.
What is Moral and Immoral about the case? The moral issue about this case is that they were doing what they loved and invested many years of training and might be considered an expert at, mountain climbing. Another issue that was moral about this piece of literature is the woman at the end of the story whom helped him regardless of know what type of person Jaikumar could be and where he was from, she also couldn’t communicate with him due to language barriers but she still wanted to help. She didn’t have to help Jaikumar if she didn’t want to because she could have been

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