A Fallen Monument By William Faulkner

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A Fallen Monument
William Faulkner was born September 25, 1897, in Oxford, Mississippi. After living there for most of his life, he later moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, where he was a writer in the residence at the University of Virginia. Faulkner published 19 novels and more than 75 short stories between 1926 and 1962. Faulkner is known best for some of his ground breaking novels: The Sound and the Fury; As I Lay Dying; Light in August; Absalom, Absalom! and Go Down, Moses. Like the novels, the majority of Faulkner’s stories were set in the South. Particularly in Yoknapatawpha County, there he invented fictional black and white characters. His major fictional families include the Sartoris, Snopes, De Spain, Compson, Sutpen, McCaslin, and Carothers (The Facts on File Companion to American Short Story). The characters appeared multiple times carefully outlining their family histories throughout Faulkner’s canon. The majority of his stories were in the country he resided. He made use of myths, legends, themes, situations and characters; repeatedly experimenting with these and other techniques. Critic James G. Watson brings forth a key point by deepening the meaning in Faulkner’s short stories by stating these stories do more than entertain, they explain the world. These stories broaden our view of history, people of different regions, and overall of humanity. A significant fact about Faulkner’s story collection is that he envisioned them contrapuntally that is, he…
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