A False Romance

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Generally speaking, romance is something most people consider as crucial element in a relationship. It’s the feeling that comes upon two individuals that can grow into an everlasting relationship. People have dreamed of having an everlasting passionate love at least once in their lifetime. However, if they expect to have it for a long period of time, they are in trouble because such things do not exist as they do in movies. People have dreams of this false perception of love all the time due to Hollywood movies about love, romantic poems, and television shows. This is what people have been lead to believe because directors and produces knows it’s what they want. The movies themselves always show the couple on their good days. The falling…show more content…
But not everyone can partner with a perfect 10. A famous line from a singer named Lyfe Jennings said “Don’t be a nickel out here looking for a dime.” Because individuals all want to secure the most desirable partner they can, people are likely to be rejected by romantic prospects who are considerably more marriageable than themselves. Furthermore, individuals who hold mate standards that closely approximate their own value as a partner should be more successful at finding a mate than those who seek to marry up. Marry up is something Hollywood has portrayed heavily in their films. “The mass appeal of this tale in understandable; indeed, it provides women from all walks of life with the hope that, no matter how bad things may get, one day she will meet her Prince Charming whom will save her from all of the madness. While there's nothing wrong with dreaming, there's definitely a difference between dreams and downright delusion” (Eye-Vee, 2011). Overall, the point here is a person should be open minded and realistic when it comes to finding love. A person should base their selection on more than just how much money he has, how he looks, or what they can provide. They can’t allow their desire to live out a dream wedding, or out do their friends and enemies, take away from them
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