A Family Business

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A family business can be defined as a commercial organization owned, controlled, or led by a family (usually related by either blood or marriage). Alpha Academy, a daycare located in High Point, NC, is a family business acquired by Lucious and Melissa Turgeon in 2006. The daycare currently employees a total of 19 people and brings in an average of about $600,000 yearly. Catering to children between the ages of six weeks to twelve years, the daycare aims to provide a safe place for children to go (while also providing opportunities for children to grow their social and motor skills).
The key players in the business currently include Lucious and Melissa, with the two having pretty different roles in the company. Melissa, according to what I learned in talking to Lucious, would be considered a 7 on the Three Circle Model. Lucious describes her as the “fabric that glues the business together.” Melissa played a larger role in the decision to acquire the daycare back in 2006, and has since played a bit of a more hands-on role in the business aspect of the company than Lucious. Her primary roles include being the controller and exercising sound managerial skills, while also holding responsibility for family unity and communication. All of this known, it is easy to see that Melissa is intensely connected with the business fits into the Three Circle Model evenly in the three roles: ownership, family, and business. Her involvement is crucial in terms of family unity, reputation of…
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