A Family Day At Los Angeles

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On November 1, 2015; I went to a family gathering in the front yard of Vincent’s house near Los Angeles. Upon arriving at this family gathering I soon realized that everyone at this gathering was either family or a family friend, all of whom grew up in a Salvadorian home with a Salvadorian food culture. While at this gathering I noticed that there was one family member who seemed not to be eating any of the food that was set out, she seemed to be using caution with any of the food she did eat. This was startling, it seems that everyone else at this party would fill their plates with food and even come back for seconds and yet there was this one member of the family who only got enough on her plate that no one would question why she wasn’t…show more content…
Second a chain migration according to Guest is a “network of people who have already immigrated to a new place encourage and support other immigrants who follow”. Next, according to Guest ethnic identities is “a distinctive identity felt, shared, or claimed by individuals or a group, or ascribed to them, based on shared characteristics associated with a definition in terms of ethnicity and forming the basis for their subcultural and/or political differentiation from other groups in a society”. Lastly, according to Guest “immigrants who completely separate from their ethnic culture and adapt the dominant culture”. My hypothesis to this question is most generations wish to fit in when they migrate to a different country therefore they change their own food culture in order to fit in, while other generations don’t wish to change their food culture because it could remind them of home. I order for me to understand why the majority of my family have no problem filling their plates compared to this one family member who barely even filled half the plate; I did a three day dietary recall followed by some follow up questions depending on their answers. During this process I discovered that some family members eat Salvadorian foods because it reminds them of home. According to Psyche Williams-Forson “food is a significant component of cultural
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