A Family Essay : The Love Of A Family

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The Love of a Family 3.) A change in characters happened throughout the novel. At the beginning of the novel, Nath, Lydia’s brother, was doing everything in his power to keep Lydia from being happy. He believed that Lydia was receiving favoritism from their parents, so he got jealous and tried to change this. For example, he knew his younger sister did not know how to swim. However, he pushed his sister into the lake to make her learn how to and to see her struggle because of his harsh feelings towards her. This caused Lydia to almost drown, foreshadowing what caused her death. Then, when he learns of Lydia’s death by drowning, he is extremely affected. He finally becomes concerned, however, at this point, it was too late. He wanted to get to the bottom of her death. There was an investigation to see if she had committed suicide or if she was kidnapped and murdered. To figure this out, at Lydia’s funeral, he found a boy that he thought was taking advantage of Lydia. Nath knew the day before Lydia went missing that she was with her friend Jake. He did not trust him. Nath knew that when the two of them hung out, all they did was smoke. However, he also knew that Jake frequently looked to have sexual relationships with other girls, so he thought that he also tried this with his younger sister. Nath approached him at the funeral and suddenly started questioning him and then punched him. Nath’s actions and feelings about his sister changed because of her death. 6.) Problems
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