A Family Holiday Choral Concert

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Frozen- A Family Holiday Choral Concert By: Jackie Draper Today, Classical music isn 't considered to be the most popular genre of music, but as I seen at MJC 's "Frozen - A family Holiday Choral Concert", the audience really enjoyed the songs that fell into this genre. Whether one realizes it or not, we hear classical music more than we think. When one is on hold with their doctor 's office, at an upper scale department store, or even at a fancy restaurant, more than likely the type of music being played is classical. The Classical music period originated in the mid-1700 's and lasted until the mid-1800 's. A lot of people don 't realize, but classical music is still being composed today, but is much different than what it was hundreds of years ago. Most of the texture in classical music has multiple parts that tend to move in the same rhythm, which is homophonic. One can hear simple classic instruments, such as: strings, woodwinds, percussion, and brass when listening to this genre. Some of the well-known forms of music today, such as: symphonies, sonatas, concertos and orchestras all derived from classical music. Baroque music was the genre that came out before Classical music. This genre of music has more of a tonal center. The texture of the music was a lot different than that of classical music. Baroque music is usually polyphonic, but at times is homophonic. In fact, the Baroque era is what made music shift from polyphony to homophony. One…

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