A Family Member with Leukemia in The Michelle Know by Alison Lohans

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Do you have a friend or family member that is suffering from leukemia? In this story, “The Michelle I know” by Alison Lohans, the protagonist, Michelle, is suffering from leukemia. Michelle has been staying in the hospital for two months and she is beginning to be affected by the side effects of cancer. She is getting frustrated and bored from the repeated routines in the hospital. Michelle losses her confidence and becomes depressed, but when she meets and talks to Claude, a patient who is experiencing leukemia for 8 years, she regains confidence in herself. At the end, Michelle finally realizes that she can still have a wonderful life and enjoy it because Rob is there to support her and to make her happy. Michelle has an internal conflict with herself due to the side effects of cancer which made her lose her hair and makes her feel unworthy. The central conflict is supported in the story by the title, the setting, and the theme of the story. To begin with, the title of the story is the first thing the reader is going to see which makes it very important. “The Michelle I Know” is an appropriate title for this story because it relates to the significant events in the story and symbolizes many feelings of the protagonist. “The Michelle I Know” foreshadows the events that will later on happen in the story. At first, Michelle is feeling discouraged and depressed because she is diagnosed with cancer and has to lay in the hospital bed for a period of time while needles is

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