A Family Profile

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MY SELECTED FAMILY PROFILE When a family doesn't have children, it seems like they can spend more time on their own health and wellness needs. For this reason I decided to interview two friends of mine. They are an unmarried man and women who live together, have no children and see themselves as being active sports and health people. They eat well, exercise regularly. Both are white and spend a good deal of time outside. He worries about concerns about how often he gets sunburned while running and playing tennis. She is a sometimes runner but mostly plays some golf with her friends, walks regularly and likes to swim in the community pool. Both have office jobs that are basic administrative and, for Jill, inside sales. She seldom travels for work and he never does since he is really more involved with communication IT. Jack (not his real name) is 6'1 is Caucasian and weighs 185 pounds. Pulse rates and blood pressure are normal. His appearance is good. Skin color and tone seems appropriate. He is 35 years old. Jill is 5'4, blond with blue eyes, is Caucasian as well but sees herself as connected with her Croatian heritage and weighs 130 pounds. Her pulse and blood pressure are also normal. She is 31. I provided for them an online height, weight and BMI averages so that they could keep a record of this (Rush, 2012). Neither has had any major health issues, just annual colds, periodic herpes outbreaks (which they link to stress at work) and some muscular complains about
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