A Family Struck By Tragedy

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A family struck by tragedy, the Luther siblings find themselves living without a guardian. Stepping up to watch after the youngest two, the eldest sisters, Devola and Mary Call, have to make decisions for the rest of their family in order to keep everyone together. The narrator of “Where the Lilies Bloom”, Mary Call, takes the father’s role in the family while her older sister Devola acts as the mother. Despite differences in personality and beliefs, Mary Call and Devola have the same objectives, and throughout the movie, their relationship grows with each hardship endured. Gentle and kind, Devola is finished with her education and in the household takes the place of her mother. Regularly, she is seen in the kitchen, making dinner, or cleaning up the house. In comparison with Mary Call, Devola tends to dream and is more girly so to speak. Devola is at the age where she is considering marriage and, in general, boys. Her evident crush on Kiser Pease is a cause of friction between her and Mary Call. One of her best qualities is to see the good in people. For example, whereas her father, Ray Luther, and Mary Call only regard Kiser as a member of the family that took their land, Devola believes that inside, Kiser is a man with a big heart. Eventually, though, Mary Call comes to realize that Devola was right about Kiser the entire time. People like Kiser refer to her as a “sweet nice girl”, and her younger siblings opt to go to her seeking solace. She is understanding and
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