A Family Supper By Kazuo Ishiguro

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Have you ever read the cultural story “A Family Supper” by Japanese author, Kazuo Ishiguro? Generally, it’s the conflict between generations in changing Japan, one can understand that this story depicts a young Japanese man (the narrator) who lived in America and has come back to Japan, his motherland to attend the funeral of his mother. He had dinner with his family at the first time of the year. With emphasis on generational conflict, the three aspects that are relationship between the son and his father from their conservation, the cultural property mentioned in the story and how the father’s disappointment affects his son, the narrator of the story. The narrator’s father is a man who values traditional family and is very strict. He and his son don’t have a good relationship. For this reason, the son did not return to his country until two years after his mother’s death. Even they have a bad relationship, but the father saw his son just back from the long flight, he thought that his son hungry . "You must be hungry. We 'll eat as soon as Kikuko arrives." (Ishiguro 632), that thing means the narrator’s father did what a normal father would do for a son. Then, they have a dinner with Kikuko, narrator’s sister. The father’s told about his life: he lost his wife, his business has folded since the suicide of his business partner. They’ve also talked about narrator’s childhood: the garden with a ghost that the narrator has seen when he was a child; the son confuses a picture
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