A Family Supper by Kazuo Ishiguro

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A Family Supper by Kazuo Ishiguro
Theme: is the conflict between generations in changing Japan. Meaning 
the ways of past generations are giving way to new values that have not been fully developed in the younger generations. One exanple of this being that suicide, carried out in the face of defeat have now lost of its meaning and honor in younger generations.
His mom is the ghost
The fugu fish and the story of Mr. Watanabe and his family are subtle hints about the end of the story, foreshadowing.
Are you moving to California THEME
Symbols: Fish, mom, ghost

Fugu is a fish caught off the Pacific shores of Japan. The fish has held a special significance for me ever since my mother died after eating one. The poison resides in the sex
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As I say, I'm not sure what my plans are."
"I've come to believe now that there were no evil intentions in your mind," my father continued. "You were swayed by certain...influences. Like so many others."
"Perhaps we should forget it, as you suggest."
"As you will. More tea?"
Just then a girl's voice came echoing through the house.
"At last." My father rose to his feet. "Kikuko has arrived."

Despite our difference in years, my sister and I had always been close. Seeing me again seemed to make her excessively excited, and for a while she did nothing but giggle nervously. But she calmed down somewhat when my father started to question her about Osaka and her university. She answered him with short, formal replies. She in turn asked me a few questions, but she seemed inhibited by the fear that the questions might lead to awkward topics. After a while, the conversation had become even sparser than prior to Kikuko's arrival. Then my father stood up, saying: "I must attend to the supper. Please excuse me for being burdened by such matters. Kikuko will look after you."

My sister relaxed quite visibly once he had left the room. Within a few minutes, she was chatting freely about her friends in Osaka and about her classes at university. Then quite suddenly she decided we should walk in the garden and went striding out onto the veranda. We put on some straw sandals that had been
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