A Family Together : Jennifer Cramblett And Amanda Zinkon

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In or about June of 2011, Jennifer Cramblett and Amanda Zinkon decided to start a family together. Later that summer the two met with Dr. Nicholas J Spirtos of the Northeast Ohio Fertility Clinic, during which Dr. Spirtos recommended that the couple seek a sperm donor through the Midwest Sperm Bank. The two women spent the next week searching through donor profiles from the clinic; they had decided that they would seek a donor with similar genetic traits as they themselves had. Although the couple had decided that Jennifer would carry first, Amanda intended to be inseminated by the same sperm at a later date so that their children would be biologically related. After reviewing histories of their most favorable donors, Amanda and Jennifer…show more content…
Public backlash against Jennifer Cramblett quickly began. While most agree that the couple has a right to sue over the sperm “mix up”, it is Jennifer Cramblett’s reasoning that has many up in arms. Rather than focusing on the grave clinical error, the complaint more so focuses on that of the “injuries” Cramblett and Zinkon now face due to having a “mixed racial” child. Upon my learning of this case, I have to admit, I was sympathetic to these two mothers. Cramblett, herself came from a town much like Uniontown and expressed apprehension over being the only lesbian she knew of growing up; she also discussed the prejudices her family holds towards black people. It was not long, however, that I grew wary of the fact that instead of facing the issues at hand and raising her child, no matter what sexuality, gender or race, to the best of her ability in the midst of any challenge and in even in the most contrary of circumstances, she clearly would have rather taken the less diverse road. In my brief study of intergenerational justice, I have come accustomed to scholars evading such identity politics because they tend to fall under the civil rights umbrella, a subject that most

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