A Family Together : Jennifer Cramblett And Amanda Zinkon

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In or about June of 2011, Jennifer Cramblett and Amanda Zinkon decided to start a family together. Later that summer the two met with Dr. Nicholas J Spirtos of the Northeast Ohio Fertility Clinic, during which Dr. Spirtos recommended that the couple seek a sperm donor through the Midwest Sperm Bank. The two women spent the next week searching through donor profiles from the clinic; they had decided that they would seek a donor with similar genetic traits as they themselves had. Although the couple had decided that Jennifer would carry first, Amanda intended to be inseminated by the same sperm at a later date so that their children would be biologically related. After reviewing histories of their most favorable donors, Amanda and Jennifer decided on Donor No. 380. In August of 2011, Jennifer started the process of insemination, however did not get pregnant until December. In April 2012, Jennifer called the Midwest Sperm Bank to order eight more vials of No. 380’s sperm in order to continue with their planning of having a second child. During the phone call in which Jennifer planned to order the sperm, the receptionist retrieved Jennifer’s file and asked her to confirm that she wanted “eight vials of sperm from Donor No. 330.” Jennifer corrected the receptionist and replied that she needed Donor No. 380. The receptionist then put Jennifer on hold and returned to ask her if she had requested an African American donor to which Jennifer replied “’No, why would I request that? My…
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