A Family Tree Of His Family

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Jonathan Rea was interviewed for a family tree of his family. He begins by stating he has two parents who and are still currently married. His mom, Judy, loves to cook and is the typical middle age Italian mother. His father, Sandy, is very laid back and spends most of his time watching movies in his room. He also describes his brother, Anthony, who is always busy working. If Anthony is not working he is playing video games. Jonathan explains this is his immediate household. He explains he lives in a two family home. Downstairs his father’s sister, Catherine, lives. She is divorced with her husband for 16 years. She has a son, named Michael, who is Jonathan’s cousin. Since they have grown up in the same house Jonathan reports that they are close. He even reports being closer to his cousin than his brother. When asked about his grandparents, he states he has only met his grandfather, Anthony, on his father’s side of the family. He passed away from lung cancer when Johnathan was very young. Jonathan states he does not remember much about him. Judy’s mother died when she was just a young girl. Her father, Herbert, remarried to a Polish woman whose name Jonathan was not sure of since it is not something his mother talks about often. Judy left home soon after her father, Herbert, remarried, since her and her step mother did not get along. Jonathan has recently found out his grandfather on his mother’s side is still alive. His mother also had one brother, Herb, who she…

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