A Family Vacation

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A Family Vacation Robbie always dreaded family vacations not because he didn’t like spending time with his family but rather the chaos of it all. His older sister Tina barely talks to him because she is too focused on her new boyfriend Brad. His parents Dave and Betty spend most of their time worrying about their jobs. One morning at 8am, Robbie’s mom walks in his room completely ignoring that fact that Robbie didn’t go to bed until 5am, turns on the lights excitedly saying “Guess what Robbie tickets are booked, we are going to Disneyland for our family vacation this year”. “Mom”! Robbie angrily yelled as he was awoken abruptly with no time to process what his mom had just said. “Robbie, we are going to Disneyland”! “Didn’t you hear me”? At this point in time Robbie jumps out a bed only to trip over his pile of dirty clothes he forgot to wash yesterday. “Disneyland?!” “That’s sounds fun but as a family vacation heck no!” ,” I rather go with some friends”. “Well sweetie that was very rude of you to say, I know your sister is probably very thrilled to be going on this family vacation. “Oh, yeah I bet so whenever she’s not hanging out with that loser boyfriend of hers”. “Excuse me” Betty said offended that Robbie would ever describe her sister’s boyfriend in that kind of manner. “You know it’s true Mom she could do so much better” Robbie says as he frantically looks for his favorite plaid maroon t shirt. “Well some things you should just keep to yourself” Betty yells as she exits Robbie’s room to go tell her announcement to Tina. “Ohhh Tina!” “Mom, I already heard, we are going to Disneyland” Tina says as she finishes putting on her sunscreen to go to the beach. From this point on Robbie could only make a list of things that would go wrong on this family vacation. “Last vacation Tina got the stomach flu, Mom and Dad spent most of the vacation arguing and we ended the trip early”. “Before that, I got food poisoning, Tina was just in a bad mood and my parents decided to cancel the trip a week before. As Robbie made his way downstairs to make himself breakfast, Betty stopped in front of him, her smile as bright as the sun. “Robbie I’ll let you and your sister bring one person on our family vacation but you

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