A Family Vacation to Florida in Flannery O'Connor's Short Story, A Good Man Is Hard to Find

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The grandmother wants to vacation in Tennessee instead of Florida like the rest of the family. She tells Bailey about an article on an escaped inmate named “Misfit” that is suppose to be heading towards Florida. The family does not pay her any attention and the next morning they are all in the car and on the road going from Atlanta to Florida.
The grandmother convinces Bailey to take the kids to see an old plantation she once visited. As Bailey starts to travel down a winding dirt road to get the house, the grandmother is startled because she just realizes that the plantation is actually in Tennessee that she bumps the basket containing her cat which jumps out of the carrier and onto Bailey’s shoulder. Which causes Bailey to have a terrible accident, however everyone is alright. Soon after the Misfit and his two servants come along. The family initially thinks they are going to help them until the grandmother recognizes the Misfit as the escaped convict. The Misfit talks with the grandmother while his servants take, the son and father to the woods to kill them. After they return, they proceed to take the mother, daughter and the baby. The grandmother makes a comment; the Misfit shoots her three times in the chest. The grandmother is a non-conventional…
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