A Fantastic Voyage Into the Body

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TOP SECRET FOR YOUR EYES ONLY MISSION BRIEF DATE: 7 July 2012 TIME: 14:50 GMT LOCATION: Anywhere, NY SOURCE: TOP SECRET OVERVIEW: Ms. Emma S., senior operative for the OSPI Organizational Unit in Beijing, fell ill last night. Preliminary tests show that during a cocktail party at the Slobovanian Embassy, she ingested a bacterium in an appetizer that has now settled in the lower lobe of her right lung. This bacterial invasion is of no type we have ever seen, and the concern is that she is meant to be the carrier of a new biological warfare weapon, ostensibly tested prior to spreading to the United States. MISSION: Using our new secret miniaturization process, we will be injecting you and a team of medical and viral experts into Ms. S's right femoral artery. You will proceed with all due haste, cataloging your views and findings along the way, to the lower right lung lobe, then, if appropriate, use laser, chemical, and genetic measures to mitigate and alleviate the infection. Time is of the essence, as you know, we are only able to keep you miniaturized for 2 hours, at which time you and your craft will begin to grow large enough to cause the body to view you as a viral invader, and you will be destroyed by white blood cells and other body defenses. GENERAL DIRECTIONS: The right femoral vein merges into the inferior vena cava, which then merges with the superior vena cava and enters the heart via the right atrium. Once in the heart, you will be propelled into the right
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