A Farewell Of Arms By Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway 's third novel a Farewell to arms was being created with his early

experience with war. Just out of High school, E.Hemingway tried volunteering to fight in

World War 1 but he was rejected by the U.S. military because of his poor eyesight. Instead he

voluntarily enlisted in the Italian ambulance corps on the Italian front where he was injured by

a mortar shell. While E.Hemingway was recovering he started to fall in love with a nurse named

Agnes Von Kurowsky. She however did not really love E.Hemingway as much as he thought

because she rejected his marriage proposal a couple months after their first date E.Hemingway.

the nurse he loved actually ended up marrying and Italian Officer during the war instead.

Ernest Hemingway was born in a Chicago suburb oak park Illinois , as a young man Ernest

hemingway was always intrigued by writing the young E.Hemingway also participated in many

sports such as boxing and he played football but he enjoyed writing shortly after he graduated

high school he started working for the kansas city newspaper but while working at the newspaper

he soon discovered his writing style he would use in his future works in literature after his injury

and heart crushed by the nurse he fell in love with E.hemingway was also awarded with the

Italian act of Valor award because when the mortar struck E.Hemingway carried an Italian

soldier on his back not thinking of his own injuries and saved the soldier 's life. The…
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