A Farewell Of Arms By Ernest Hemingway

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A Farewell to Arms is one of Ernest Hemingway’s most admirable novels. It has received millions of positive and negative criticisms. It is also the most regarded American literary exemplary. The story is told from first person perspective. The perspective Frederic an American ambulance driver in the Italian army during War. He falls in love with an English nurse, Catherine, and he experiences the pain and loss in war and in life. Even though it is one of the most revered books in American literature, there has been many criticism about Hemingway’s portrayal of gender roles. According to some critics, he portrays women as weak, needy, and submissive, like Catherine. For men, he portrays complex and in depth characters worthy of the readers attention, especially the enigmatic protagonist Frederic Henry. Mostly, he portrays the male characters as dominating and womanizing. Many other critics believed that during war, man were forced to compete to prove their masculinity.
The title of the novel A Farewell to Arms hints to the process of disillusionment which Frederic undergoes, for it literally signifies both his rejection of his personal responsibility for the war and his final loss of Catherine. Ernest Hemingway’s characters are impeccable and well described. The description of the character allows the reader to visualise every character not only physically, but also psychologically. According to Charles Nolan, “About Hemingway, we recognize once more what an astute…
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