A Farewell Of Arms By Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway, author of A Farewell to Arms, created a classic but controversial love story banned in Italy as well as parts of the United States, for its candid brutality. While many authors during the Roaring 20s chose to focus on the sacrifices and valor of World War I, Hemingway wrote his novel from a different but realistic perspective. As a World War I veteran himself, Hemingway based his novel off of his experiences in war and from his own life to influence the romantic relationship between Catherine Barkley and Lieutenant Frederic Henry. Choosing to break away from the social norm, Hemingway decided to incorporate literary forms to shed light on important factors individuals during this delicate time period ran from, after a horrid tragedy had ruined the simple lives of the civilians. In Ernest Hemingway’s novel, A Farewell To Arms, the theme that the world is a harsh place and that sooner or later it will bring everyone down is validly displayed through the novel itself, professional critics, and the life of Ernest Hemingway, signifying that everything that is dear to an individual will be snatched away, as nature destructs everyone and everything in its path.
Hemingway’s belief that an individual will lose the most precious values in life was shown through major protagonist, Catherine Barkley. During the war Miss Barkley was a voluntary action deployment nurse who hadn’t had the prior education of a nurse, but performed her duties as a nurse devotedly. She had…
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