A Farewell Of Arms, By Frederic Henry

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In the novel, A Farewell to Arms, it mentions several different things about the lives of Frederic Henry and Catherine Barkley. First, it starts off mentioning Frederic Henry. Frederic Henry is an young American who just so happened to be in Italy during World War I. Soon Frederic’s friend Rinaldi introduces him to a woman by the name of Catherine Barkley. Catherine Barkley was a British nurse who is trying to get over the death of her fiance. Additionally, Frederic Henry and Catherine Barkley were in Italy doing two different occupations. Frederic volunteered as an ambulance driver for the Italian army while Catherine was a nurse and was stationed at several different hospitals throughout the course of the novel.
In the novel, A Farewell to Arms, Frederic’s feelings about Catherine change throughout the novel. When he first met her, he thought she was very beautiful by saying “Miss. Barkley was quite tall. She wore what seemed to me to be a nurse’s uniform, was blonde and had a tawny skin and gray eyes. I thought she was very beautiful.” (Hemingway, 18) He then observes that she carried a stick which she then confides in him that it was her dead fiancee’s who was killed in the Battle of Somme. Additionally, on the way back Frederic’s friend Rinaldi mentions that it appears that Catherine prefers Frederic instead of him. Furthermore, when Frederic first tells Catherine he loves he he did not actually mean it. This is shown when he says “ I knew I did not Catherine Barkley…
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