A Farewell Of Arms Hemingway

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In the novel A Farewell to Arms Hemingway expresses his set idea of gender roles in society through his writing. He often wrote about male protagonist who often enough displayed the typical traits of a “Code Hero”, while the female characters, like Catherine, submissive and dependent often enough o the “Hero” in one way or another. The women viewed in his books gives way to what Hemingway really feels; that women were weak and uninteresting characters. This often enough said describes the exact nature of Catherine in her role in A Farewell To Arms. In the novel Catherine is depicted as the weak, dependent woman to Henry’s stoic independence. Her character gives hints to a deeper meaning as to who she is. Not just by what she says but what she also does. Even though Catherine is in a foreign country in the middle of a fierce war working tirelessly to tend to those wounded men. It’s the recent death of her fiancé that leaves her so vulnerable to the advances of a man. Therefore, as soon as she meets Henry it’s not technically love at first sight due to her hesitation, but something that would give her a distraction from what’s going on in the world around them. She allows herself to be molded to “fit” his wants and needs giving herself entirely into the relationship. However, she doesn’t allow herself to be disillusioned that anything more can come from what they have. Having lost her fiance she’s too afraid to lose anyone else,but she enjoys the distraction that Henry gives.
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