A Farewell to Arms: Love Story

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A Farewell to Arms, by Ernest Hemingway, is somewhat of a Romeo and Juliet love story, with a tragic ending. In this novel, Romeo is Frederick Henry and Juliet is Catherine Barkley. Their love affair must survive the everything that is around them during World War I. The setting of this novel is war-torn Italy. The love between Catherine and Frederick must outlast long separations, life-threatening war situations, and the uncertainty of each other's whereabouts or condition. This is a love story of two people who need each other in a period of chaos. The book A Farewell to Arms is partly autobiographical. Hemingway , like his hero, was a Red Cross ambulance driver on the Italian Front in World War I. Not only was Hemingway…show more content…
He continuously has to convince himself that he has "a fine life," and he has not yet reached Catherine's emotional level that enables her to be perfectly happy in their love and yet not dependent on it for all comfort and support. He never reaches a place of internal peace until the end of the book when Catherine dies and he realizes that he can not be totally dependent on another for happiness in this life. A Farewell To Arms was a was a well written novel that gives people a whole different perceptive about the people and events of World War I in Italy. The book was not the least bit confusing when it came to the text and was really an enjoyable book to read. This book could be appreciated both by the average high school student or an adult looking for a great book. It had an interesting, moving plot that kept the reader interested in the book, and has been appreciated and read for many years by people of all ages. From reading this book one learns much about Ernest Hemingway himself plus the times and problems of World War I. This book was a classic in 1929 and is still seems contemporary
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