A Farewell to Arms: a Classic Display of Literature

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A Farewell To Arms Ernest Hemmingway's " A Farewell To Arms" is a classic display of literature. The way he develops his characters is ingenious. In the beginning of the story I did not like the way it was going. As I read deeper into the book, "A Farewell To Arms" I discovered the complexity of the characters themselves. I discovered that Frederic Henry was a rather complex character as well. When you are finally given the full picture of Frederic Henry, you realize that he can be described in several different ways. First, Frederic Henry is a round and very dynamic character. You also realize that because Mr. Henry's mannerisms are so easily recognizable, he is a stock character as well. The point of view in the story is written in…show more content…
A stock character is a character that is easily identifiable by the way they behave. Frederic Henry is very easy to identify. First off he almost always speaks in the plural form. For example, when he buys himself a gun he turns to Catherine and says, " now we are fully armed", as if she too is armed.(Monteiro, 71) Another characteristic that Frederic Henry has, is that he is always trying to help other people. Throughout the entire story there are examples of he and his men out on the battlefield, and Frederic coming to someone's aid. Since this behavior takes place so many times you automatically know that it is Frederic Henry who is coming to the rescue. The event that is most memorable is when Frederic and his men are captured and Frederic manages to help all his men escape. Upon the escape Frederic rows he and his crew for over twenty miles to safety, in Switzerland.(Gellens, 45) The point of view in "A Farewell To Arms", is a first person point of view. The interesting thing is that even though it's a first person point of view, it's a first person point of view that is expressed in a plural sense. All threw the story Frederic Henry uses the phrase "we" to refer to himself and his group of friends. Another interesting thing is that later into the story Frederic's usage of the word "we" changes from referring to his group of friends to his relationship with Catherine. The story is also a confession in a way. It's a confession because

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