A Father 's Influence On Life

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A Father’s Influence
A father holds immense power over his family and especially his children. The choices he makes leaves a mark on them forever. Whether recognized or not is irrelevant, the outcome remains the same. His actions will either scar or teach. This great influence is left to interpretation among the youth. “Fathers tend to stress rules, justice, fairness, and duty in discipline. In this way, they teach children the objectivity and consequences of right and wrong” (Significance). Using the father either as an example or a counter-example, it is the children who hold an even greater power. This ultimate power is the attitude towards life’s unpredictable challenges, which can never be taken away. There is no real way to lock the future. One can only control her own actions, and as she does she has influence over others as well. With time I have discovered that my father has scarred me and in scarring he taught. My father taught me how value mistakes, laughter, and education.
My opinions of my father change along with his mood. My opinions on his past actions are permanent and personal. When my father was in his twenties he became very sick and was diagnosed with a manic-depressive illness commonly known as bipolar disorder. This serious illness is especially exhausting in a family with young children. (Bipolar). This is a genetic disorder that he couldn’t help but acquire. He having these massive changes in mood take a huge toll on my mother. Often he will have…
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